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Securities Fraud Class Actions


Our capital markets depend upon the dissemination of accurate and timely information. The market does not always have accurate information when corporate officers and directors intentionally or recklessly disseminate false information or omit material information in their public statements. In those instances, they may be subject to a securities fraud class action brought by those shareholders who purchased their shares at prices inflated by such false information or material omissions, and suffered a loss when the price of their stock declined upon disclosure of the truth. Shareholders may have the right to bring a securities fraud class action on behalf of all the shareholders who suffered damage as a consequence of the fraud.

The Grant Law Firm has expertise in investigating instances of potential fraud to determine whether a cause of action exists and the extent to which shareholders have suffered damage. It also has expertise in the proper pleading of securities fraud, which must overcome stringent standards.

If you or a client has suffered a significant loss in the price of a stock and believe that this could be due to securities fraud, please contact or complete our Contact Us form on this website.