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Merger & Acquisition Litigation


Mergers and acquisitions are not always fair and adequate. Before selling a company, directors and officers are required to fulfill certain duties, including obtaining the highest price for shareholders, and either shopping the company before agreeing to a sale or merger, or performing a market check of a transaction to which the board has agreed. Directors and officers faced with an offer for the company, including a hostile offer, are prohibited from taking steps that would entrench them in their positions when doing so would not be in the best interests of the company or its shareholders.

In the context of a corporate transaction, where directors and officers take steps that will not result in the highest price for shareholders (or limited partners) or where they take steps to entrench themselves, a class action, or in some cases, a derivative action may exist.

The Grant Law Firm is proficient in recognizing actionable merger and acquisitions situations and litigating them. It is fully familiar with the often changing case law governing such instances. It is experienced in prosecuting injunction and similar type actions often used to stall or stop an unfair and inadequate transaction, until shareholders obtain sufficient redress, either by obtaining a higher price, fuller disclosures, or other types of relief.

If you or a client is a holder in a company that is subject to an inadequate or unfair corporate transaction or take over, please contact or complete our Contact Us form on this website.