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Opt Outs/Objections


Securities fraud and consumer class actions often culminate in a settlement from which aggrieved shareholders have an opportunity to “opt out” in order to commence their own actions. Alternatively, they may have the right to file an objection to the settlement. Opt outs and objections are particularly important for larger shareholders, who may feel that a particular settlement does not provide the class with sufficient consideration, or that the settlement has been entered into without sufficient litigation or negotiation. Consumers can opt out en masse and commence their own litigation in the face of an unfair or inadequate settlement.

The Grant Law Firm can represent shareholders, stakeholders or consumers who wish to opt out of a class action settlement and has the skill to determine whether opting out of a settlement or class is in the stakeholder’s best interest. It also has the skill to file objections in complex situations on behalf of larger clients.

If you or a client is presently a class member and considering whether to opt out of a settlement or class, please contact or complete our Contact Us form on this website.