Advisory Services

In addition to litigating privacy issues, Lynda has been involved in developing privacy and biometric policies for businesses. She helps small companies understand and comply with the laws governing biometric data, technologies, and the patchwork of privacy laws around the country. She can help small businesses understand their liability and exposure if they are the subject of a hack or data breach, and is particularly conversant on the issue of franchisee liability for data and biometric violations.  Further, she has written about and studied the laws in various states, and has litigated actions under a variety of statutes, giving her vast experience that she can use to advise a company.  She assiduously follows the development of the law in this constantly developing and changing field, including New York City’s recently enacted biometric statute. In the context of settling class action litigation, she has had the opportunity to study and draft biometric policies for major corporations.

She is familiar with the various technologies giving rise to biometric data litigation, including those using facial recognition or scans, voice print data and fingerprints, and can help small businesses navigate the maze of laws to determine whether they apply to a technology that they are using or planning to use. If you are a small business concerned about your exposure to various privacy laws or need advice concerning the laws that may be applicable to your business, call Lynda at TheGrantLawFirm.