Kroger Tracking Case Investigations

TheGrantLawFirm, PLLC and Longman Law, PC Investigate Kroger’s Use of Tracking Software On its Website

(December 13, 2023, New York, NY)

TheGrantLawFirm, PLLC (“GrantFirm”) and Longman Law, PC (“Longman”) are presently investigating claims that the Kroger grocery chain is illegally tracking its customers who use its website through the use of tracking tools on that website. The investigation concerns whether Kroger has installed certain tracking devices such as Facebook Pixels on its website that unlawfully transmit to outside parties such as META protected confidential healthcare information of its customers who use the Kroger website to order or refill prescriptions, or to make appointments at Kroger’s Little Clinics, or similar healthcare facilities, in violation of HIPAA, among other statutes. The Little Clinics are located inside select Krogers, Fry’s, Jay C. Dillions and King Soopers stores in Ohio, Kansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arizona, Georgia, Indiana, Virginia and Colorado. The tracking tools also capture the customer’s IP address and other personal information. This information may be sent to Facebook. Customers or patients were never notified by Kroger about its use of tracking tools.

If you have used or are currently using Kroger’s website for your pharmacy needs, or have used or are using Kroger’s Little Clinics or other healthcare facilities, we would like to speak to you to assess whether you have a claim against Kroger. The assessment is free, and you pay nothing unless we recover for you. Please contact Lynda J. Grant, at, or [email protected] or Howard Longman at, or [email protected].