Consumer Fraud Actions

Have you purchased a product that has not performed as advertised? Have you seen charges on your credit card for services that you didn’t receive? When you buy a product or a service, you expect it to work as advertised. Some businesses, however, advertise products in a way that is misleading.  Some product makers send out products with significant defects that cause safety issues or cause the product to malfunction.

There are federal and state laws to protect consumers and keep them safe from fraud and unfair or deceptive trade practices, as well as misleading or illegal advertising, marketing and pricing practices. These types of cases include:

  • Misleading or false labels or stickers on products
  • Misleading packaging that deceives consumers about the amount of product that is contained in the package or some other characteristic
  • Subscriptions, memberships or billing practices that charge consumers for services that were never provided or include charges that were never agreed to
  • Baiting consumers with the promise of one product and providing another (“bait and switch”).

Generally, when consumer protection laws are violated they affect large classes of consumers and are brought as class actions. TheGrantLawFirm has represented consumers in class actions involving consumer fraud and unfair trade practices. If you have been the victim of a consumer fraud, call TheGrantLawFirm for a consultation.